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Residential Services

ŸOur typical residential jobs include everything from trouble-shooting service calls and replacing a fuse box to accommodate new kitchen appliances, to remodeling projects that require electrical upgrades such as new interior lighting or installing control systems for a pool and spa.

ŸWiring and Rewiring

Was your property built a long time ago and feel like the wires are old and need replacing? Serge Electric have rewired homes, duplexes, apartment units, apartment buildings, and commercial properties since 2006. With our experience and a strong of understanding of the NEC and California state electrical code you can be confident that your property will be rewired the right way and passed any electrical inspection.

Building your dream home?

ŸWe can help! We provide the electrical design, electrical load calculation, and meet with inspectors and utility companies to get your project done as safely, reliable, and cost efficient as possible. Call now for a quote. ŸWe also do pre-wiring for new home construction and have expertise with low voltage systems involving voice, data, and video wiring systems, such as those for telephones, computers, as all phases of electrical service work from simple ceiling fans installations to total system electrical upgrades.

Is your panel safe? 

Panels are not like a fine wine.  They don't get better with age.  They do wear out.  Panels that were installed over 30 years ago were designed for the technology of that day.  Since then the advancements in our comfort have been made.  We now have many appliances and comforts that we didn't have back then.  The number one thing is air conditioners.  If you have added an AC unit since your house was built you may be at risk. Other things that our homes weren't wired for is hair blow dryers.  These things can pull up to 15 amps. That's crazy! On top of all this, these panels have many design flaws that present dangers to you and your family

Your Master electrician

why choose serge electric service?

1  Up-Front Pricing!   We show you the total price up-front, before we start the work! We want our customers to know exactly what they are paying for, so there will never be any surprises in your final bill.

2  On-Time Service!    We respect and value your time.  We understand that we work for you, and you've got better things to do than wait on a repair technician.  We schedule in 1 hour windows and we call if we are running late, can be there early, and to let you know we are on our way.

3  ONE Year Warranty!   We guarantee our work for 1 year!  We stand behind our work with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!  If you’re not happy, we're not happy.